WeMake2016: Women in Makerspaces

Maker Spaces are inclusive places full of opportunity and encouragement; yet participation in Fab Labs and Maker Spaces is still predominantly male. #WeMake2016 has grown out of our connections here at Fab Lab London and last week culminated in 8 female speakers from across the makerspace community; talking about their experience and encouraging others to get on board to make a difference.


We had Liz Corbin from the Institute of Making,  Kayleigh Spring from Faberdashery, Ruby Childs who runs H&&T, Helen Leigh from Machine Rooms, Phoenix Perry from Goldsmiths University, Harriet Warden from Blackhorse Workshop, Alina Bezuglova from the Central Research Laboratory, with myself and Clare Cunningham hosting. A handful of men came too which was wonderful – WeMake is a women inclusive, not women only event. The potential a Maker Space can have on your interest, discipline or community is only limited by your involvement so what are you waiting for!

To find out more about our forthcoming events search for us on Twitter #WeMake2016! And check the Fab Lab calendar for more great events.


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