Vinyl Cutter Hack!


This week, Paul Sohi from AutoDesk came in to help design, model and 3D print a new attachment for our vinyl cutter. The new attachment enables the vinyl cutter to be used as a plotter, offering you more ways to be creative in the Lab!

First, we measured the dimensions of the original attachment for the cutting tool. We recreated this in Fusion360 and after measuring the pen’s dimensions, we hollowed out the body to create a snug fit for the pen.

Now we had the file ready for our 3D printers, the tool took about 45 minutes to print. After, we smoothed the tool down and inserted it into our vinyl cutter, pen and all. It is very simple to attach, and works with all the same settings.
We tested the plotter with a design courtesy of Paul’s Illustrator skills, and it looks great! We can’t wait to experiment with different colours and try out some 3D drawings! Come in and have a go yourself!