September 25, 2014


  • Members must provide the Fab Lab London with accurate contact details and inform the Fab Lab London if these change.
  • Memberships are not transferable.
  • All members must complete the mandatory Health and Safety induction before using any of the Fab Lab London facilities.
  • Members should book access to equipment prior to arrival at the Fab Lab London.
  • The person making the booking must be present during the activity for which the booking is made.
  • Fab Lab London staff reserves the right to impose reasonable sanctions for Members and Users who fail to take up bookings.
  • Equipment should be booked through Fab Lab London staff
  • Booking times should commence and conclude at the agreed times. Set up and reinstatement of equipment should take place within the booking times.
  • Fab Lab London staff reserves the right to refuse admission at the Fab Lab London staff discretion.
  • The Fab Lab London staff reserves the right to exclude individuals and/or withdraw membership especially with respect to disorderly, threatening or abusive behaviour without refund.
  • Members and Users should inform the Fab Lab London staff at reception and prior to entry if they require additional assistance in the event of emergency evacuation.
  • Specific equipment have safe systems of work and risk assessments which must be adhered to at all times. These can be viewed on the Fab Lab London booking pages or in the Fab Lab London health and safety webpages.
  • The Fab Lab London has a maximum usage capacity. The Fab Lab London staff reserve the right to refuse entry or request people to leave should numbers reach the maximum usage levels.
  • We do not have storage facilities hence each member is required to remove their work at the end of the session. Valuables should not be left in the Fab Lab London or left unattended.
  • The Fab Lab London staff reserves the right to stop or cancel a working operation if, in their opinion, Health and Safety is being compromised at any time.
  • Any damage to the Fab Lab London or its equipment must be reported promptly to Fab Lab London staff.
  • All access and exit routes must be kept free from obstruction and fire doors kept closed at all times.
  • All accidents must be reported IMMEDIATELY to the Fab Lab London staff.
  • In the case of emergency, all persons will be required to follow emergency evacuation procedures.
  • The Fab Lab London facilities close over the Christmas and New Year period, Easter weekend as well as other public holidays. These will be identified by posters in the building and on the website.
Access to the Fab Lab London
  • Access to the Fab Lab London is restricted to members and members of the public with prior agreement.
  • Participants are asked to clean equipment after use and to ensure that the general work area is clean and clear with all tools and equipment returned to their correct place after use
  • At busy times, participants are asked to ‘share’ the work areas with others.
  • The Fab Lab London reserves the right to close beyond advertised opening hours in the event of extreme weather conditions, unforeseen circumstances causing Health and Safety concerns or if staffing levels require.
Amendments to Terms and Conditions
  • The Fab Lab London reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions as appropriate.

These terms and conditions apply to Fab Lab Limited. Last updated 6th January 2016